"These blinds are the truly some of the highest quality blinds on the market! If you've ever looked at a Redneck or Muddy blind then you need to look at these. They've already put a bunch of those blinds on the used market, it takes a very high quality high value blind to make someone want to take down an existing blind and replace it but these blinds have done just that!"

Zero 4 outdoors hunting blinds


-Durable, weather resistant  aluminum exterior

-Top quality silent hinge opening windows

-Welded aluminum frame

-6x6 and 7x7 octagon

-Treated base with carpet

-Completely Insulated

-Sound deadening carpet interior

-Climate controlled air vent system

-360 degree vision

Wood and Aluminum base options

Aluminum bases come with built in pallet fork pockets for easy setup AND they have built in elevator stake pockets to accept 4x4 legs!

Our rifle blind comes with three 42"x11.5" horizontal windows and one 17"x11.5" door window. 

Our combo blind comes with four 42"x11.5" vertical windows, three 30"x11.5" horizontal windows, and one 17"x11.5" door window.


Zero 4 Blind Pricing

6x6 Blind Wood Base

  • Rifle - $2090

  • Combo - $2290

6x6 Blind Aluminum Base

  • Rifle - $2190

  • Combo- $2390

7x7 Blind Wood Base

  • Rifle - $2290

  • Combo- $2490

7x7 Blind Aluminum Base

  • Rifle - $2390

  • Combo- $2590

Porch Kit - we highly recommend this and it's compatible with all aluminum bases

  • $300