Everything you need to climb the tree and have a platform to stand on....and it weighs only 8lbs. 2oz. TOTAL 


The Silent Approach Climbing System will change the way you hunt! As a mobile hunter we know you are looking to be as lightcompact, and quiet as possible and that's what this climbing system does.


With this lightweight system you'll be able to easily reach a height of 20' and manuver around the tree for 360 degrees of shooting!


You're not going to fly up the tree in record speed....but as they say slow is smooth and smooth is fast. You can also add that slow and smooth is quiet and safe as well.


All your climbing steps fit in those 2 little dump pouches and your ring of steps platform also fits in a small bag. They ALL will carry on one strap around your chest, or… carry 2 around your waist one around your chest, 1 on your saddle … whatever you can think of! Versatility is what we’re talking about!

You will no longer have to unpack your gear at the base of the tree just to start climbing With the silent approach system, all you need to do is tie up your bow and start climbing! And when coming down you won’t have to repack everything back up once you hit the ground. I know after a long sit on the stand the last thing I want to have to do when I reach the ground is to have to reorganize and repack all my stuff. Once you hit the ground with the Silent Approach System you’re almost ready to go! 

And all that heavy Metal with all the metal on metal clanking that can be heard a country mile!? – GONE. Hard to say how many wary old bucks have heard them sticks clanking together as you prepared for the climb...It was over before it started.


If you are reading this you most likely want to be a more effective mobile hunter by being lighter, quieter, more compact, and more easily transported. You have found all those things PLUS you won’t break the bank !


Go ahead pull the trigger ! Hunt Farther, Lighter, Quieter and More Compact Today!


  • The Saddle Hunter 12 System weighs in at 8 pounds and 2 ounces           

  • 12 Silent Approach Tree Steps for climbing

  • 12 Straps made of heavy weight polypropylene with a Minimum Break Rating of 1500 lbs. 6-5′ straps and 6-6′ straps

  • 2 dump pouches each approximately measuring 4″x4″x8″

  • Ring of Steps =6 Silent Approach Tree steps and a Heavy Duty Ratchet with 3000lb minimum break rating of 3000lbs.

  • One of the best ways to hunt PUBLIC GROUND

  • NO damage to trees whatsoever 

  • Arguably the best option for the Saddle Hunter looking for a lightweight option for the run and gun style of hunting 

  • Highest packability on the market !

  • Immediately start climbing at tree – No unpacking or repacking

  • Zero Damage to trees

  • No modifications or upgrades required ! – Open box and start learning !


Silent Approach 12 Step Saddle Hunter Package