Introducing the lightest, most packable climbing stick and saddle hunting platform on the market!


If you like climbing sticks these will be the last set you'll ever have to buy...they're that good.


The SHIKAR lightweight climbing sticks are designed specifically for the run and gun bow hunter!


The “scout platform “ just adds an additional 8 ounces to the already super light 24 ounce stick. The scout was designed for that serious long haul minimalist hunter that wants to get to the woods and in a tree carrying as little extra weight as possible. Although the scout platform is only 4"x10" it's suprisingly comfortable due to it's 30 degree angle making your feet sit flat when hunting from a tree saddle!


Why is the SHIKAR the best lightweight climbing stick? Weighing only 24oz, the SHIKAR is the new standard in lightweight climbing sticks. With 90 degree rotating standoffs, you can mount them on any tree making hunting a breeze.


Pack them folded or fully deployed, either way they're super compact!



  • 100% American Made
  • Each stick weighs 24oz (without attachment method)
  • 300LB weight rating
  • 17 1/8 inches step to step - 20 inches step to step on 20" sticks
  • Large double steps
  • 17" sticks are 27” when folded - 20" are 30" when folded
  • Width of steps are 4.5” to center of stick
  • Rugged no slip design on steps
  • Each stick has a built-in aider attachment hole located at the bottom of the stick
  • Variety of attachment methods available
  • Scout Platfor 4"x10" with 30 degree angle


Our Shikar Stick packages come in either 3 or 4 stick sets and include:


  • 88" Amsteel Daisy Chains for attaching the sticks to the tree. These are super strong lightweight, compact, and super quiet. The ultimate way to strap your sticks to a tree!
  • 1 - 20" step Versa Aider. This device sinches around one of your feet and then loops onto the versa button on your stick allowing you to safely gain an extra step on each climbing stick! You'll love it.


Not included but highly recommended is our Gear Lanyard. Not only does it give you a great place to hang your gear in the tree but it also is perfect for holding your Shikar Sticks together when packing them in and out of the woods! Check it out!

Shikar Climbing Stick Saddle Hunter Packages



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