The Vantage Point Camera Arm For Deer Hunting

  • Section lengths 12” 10” 10”
  • Arm weight 2.15 lbs
  • Tree mount weight 1.75 lbs
  • Strap weight .65 lbs
  • Total weight with strap 4.55 lbs
  • 28 1/2” from center pin to center of fluid head
  • Total reach from tree to center point of fluid head 34”


Out On A Limb Camera Arms For Hunting

Cut, Milled, and Machined from Aluminum. The “Reach” can support 10 lbs and still provide fluid function and hold at full extension, for Quality Footage. Don’t let your camera gear weigh down your hunt or your success. Looking for something a little bit smaller and lighter? Check out our other camera arms and camera packs for all of your filming needs this deer season.

The most balanced camera system for the Mobile Hunter, Self Filmer, or Saddle Hunter on the market.

Out On A Limb - Vantage Point Camera Arm