The Hatchback is our most affordable, lightweight stand that can be placed anywhere. This is a four window unit. It will put you in the center of your hunt with the added back extension providing you with an affordable single man stand. This allows you to sit comfortably in your favorite chair, and provide you with an all around view to hunt and not miss the action. This unit was made to create an ultra light blind that will give you a lifetime of hunting.  The durability and quality of our stands is second to none (this is true for all blinds). We price our blinds to fit hunters needs and budget.


Dimensions and Weight

5 2 " X 4 4 " X 7 6 " at 90 lbs.



  • 4 of our injection molded windows.
  • Gun Window Dimensions = 13.75" x 8.35" placed 40"from bottom of the stand.



Standard Door Dimensions = 22.5' x 55.35"





$639.00 Regular Price
$539.00Sale Price