This is one of our favorite Cuddeback accessories! We use them often with our Cuddelink System to make moving and positioning cameras where we want them a breeze!


No tree. No problem.
Food plot and fields, logged over areas and even in the thick forest, it seems trees are never where you need them. Genius™ Post Mount lets you mount any trail camera anywhere you need - no tree required


Genius™ is easy deployment and easy checking
Simply push the Genius™ Post Mount into the ground and slide your camera onto the bracket. Post Mount height can be adjusted from 25 to 32 inches. Tilt your camera up and down as needed.        


  • Built specifically for Cuddeback Cameras
  • Can mount 2 cameras on 1 post (back to back) or 1 camera with an external battery pack (6D or 12D)
  • Construction is all metal
  • Height adjusts from 25 to 32 inches

Genius Post Mount Model 3556