Why get a Genius™ Mount?
Cuddeback offers flexible mounting methods to pan, tilt and aim your Cuddeback for optimum flexibility.

  • Pan, tilt, aim your Cuddeback
  • Lock your Cuddeback to deter theft
  • Mounts to T-Posts for field use - no tree required. Very affordable and flexible
  • Includes universal adapter, Genius™ is compatible with all trail camera brands


With Cuddeback's exclusive Genius™ bracket system, you get mounting flexibility, easy setup and the ability to instantly deal with your camera off of the tree. 

You can also rest assured that your camera will not be compromised in the event that the built-in mounting device happens to break - something that can and does happen on other brands of scouting cameras.


Pan, Tilt, Aim
Genius™ PTL Mount allows the trail camera to be mounted higher up and aimed as required. Left/right and up/down adjustments are quick and easy. Placing a trail camera higher in a tree is beneficial for many reasons:

  • High placement improves illumination
  • Images from above can better reveal antlers
  • Creative camera angles provide artistic images
  • The camera is more concealed from animals and humans
  • Works with most trail cameras
  • Cuddeback cameras slide on and off and can be padlocked (padlock user supplied)
  • Other trail cameras with a tripod socket use the included universal adapter


Genius™ is easy deployment and easy checking
Instead of kneeling on the ground or stretching to reach a high-mounted camera or having to unstrap the camera from the tree, with Genius™Mount, you slide the camera off the mount, check the camera, then slide it back on while retaining the original aim. 

Genius PTL Adjustable Camera Mount

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$12.00Sale Price
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