This unit has the wheel and electric hydraulic kit installed for use behind UTV's and small tractors. Hitch can easily be removed for 3 pt use as well.


The one and only, Genesis 3 is the world's first and only, true no till drill designed for UTVs.  The Genesis 3 has all the great features of the iconic Genesis brand, just in a smaller package.  With 5 cutting elements and 38" working width, the Genesis 3 can be towed behind smaller tractors or 800cc+ UTVs.  Or with the use of your 3-point tractor lift & 1,500lbs lift capacity, you can lift the Genesis 3 and drive it to your favorite food plot to plant.  


Working Width- 37.5"

Working Depth- 0.5"-2.0"

Seeding Speed- Up to 7.5 mph

Weight- 1,188 lbs

Seeding Row Distance- 7.5"

Cutting Elements- 5

Seed-Tray Capacity- 4.9 Bushels

Hitch Type- Clevis Hitch Three-point Cat 1-2

Maximum Capacity- 2.8 acres per hour

Recommended Tractor Size- 800cc ATV/UTV or 30HP Tractor


Standard Parts

  • Variable clutch system for simple and accurate calibration.
  • Integrated seed spreading tray.
  • Seed hopper with sight-glass
  • Acre seeding gauge.
  • Soil following seeding wheel.
  • Independent cutting elements following the soil.
  • Seed silt closing wheels.
  • Adjustment legs for storage.


Optional Parts

  • Hydraulic Wheel Kit, necessary for pull style vehicles such as ATV/UTV's.
  • Pre-Cutting discs in front of the seeding elements.
  • Hydraulic Pump Kit


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Genesis 3

Genesis 3


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