A great and affordable way to build out your Cuddelink System!


You also get "The Cuddelink Master Manual" for FREE ($50 value) with every camera purchase! This is our Exclusive video manual that will take you step by step through all of the camera settings, show you how to setup your system properly, and give you the tips and tricks to get the most out of your Cuddelink System!!


Included in the Regular Package:


  • 4x- J-1415 IR Cameras
  • 4x- D Battery Compartment FREE UPGRADE
  • 4x- Sandisk 16 GB Class 10 SD Card
  • 4x- Metal Genius Mount
  • 4x- Heavy Duty strap
  • 4x- 9004 Center focus Fresnel Lense
  • 4x- Locking Clip
  • Free Shipping


These AA J cameras are being fazed out in favor of J cameras with D cell battery compartments for longer battery life. We're going to give you the option to UPGRADE FOR FREE to either the New 4D or 6D battery compartments! These would simply replace the AA battery compartment currently on the camera.


4D- best if using the PW-3600 solar panel or if you want to see your external battery pack on the camera report


6D- Gives extended battery life and is best used as the only source of power for the camera or with a external battery pack. External pattery packs won't show on the report due to running the same voltage but you will get the extended battery life.


The Ultimate Package


The Ultimate J Series Package gives you the perfect setup!


This package allows you to get the highest quality pictures, position/setup the camera with ease, includes all the little accessories you need, and gets you 6 months of battery life to get you through an entire deer season so you never have to disturb your property to check cameras or batteries!


Here's what's included in the Ultimate Package:


  • 4x - J-1415 Long Range IR Camera
  • 4x - 4D or 6D Battery Compartment (your choice, replaces AA battery compartment)
  • 4x - 3358 Battery Booster
  • 4x - Genius PTL Adjustable Mount
  • 4x - Sandisk 16 GB Class 10 SD Card
  • 4x - Metal Genius Mount
  • 4x - Heavy Duty strap
  • 4x - 9004 Center focus Fresnel Lense
  • 4x - Locking Clip
  • 40x - Rayovac High Energy D Batteries (for 4D option)
  • 48x - Rayovac High Energy D Batteries (for 6D option)
  • Free Shipping


CuddeLink Built In

CuddeLink camera-to-camera network built in. No additional equipment to buy. CuddeLink ™ is a wireless network of cameras that transmit their images to one camera. The image collection camera is the HOME camera and the transmitting cameras are the REMOTE cameras. Not Wi-Fi, not cellular. CuddeLink is a private camera-to-camera network with no monthly fee! This camera can be a Home, Remote, or Repeater.


Industry Leading Performance

Featuring an industry leading ¼ second trigger speed that captures the deer that so many other cameras would miss. Add Super-Fast Recovery Speed that is ready for the next picture within 1 second of taking the first, and the result is Cuddeback can capture 2 photos before many cameras can capture the first.

And the pictures are incredible.  20MP images with stunning daylight color and black/white night images.  

On top of the performance, we added a ton of cool and innovative features, such as separate day/night delays, fully customizable time lapse and much more.

CuddeLink Long Range IR- the ultimate in versatility and performance.


Powered by 12 AA batteries

Cuddelink Long Range IR Model J-1415 4 Pack

$986.98 Regular Price
$749.99Sale Price
Battery Compartment Options
  • Free shipping to lower 48 states


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