Why Most Brassica Mixes FAIL!

You might have opened this and thought...

"My brassica mixes have always grown well and the deer like them, what's this guy talking about"?

And to all appearances they DID do well, I mean they grew and the deer ate them right?

So what's the issue?

But before I get into the BIG PROBLEM, let me tell you a story...

A few years ago I planted brassicas in my main food plot, everything grew well and the deer HAMMERED them from September well into the winter months!

It was great!

It seemed like a total success, but the spring said otherwise...

That following spring was wet, cool, and damp. Much like this past spring...

In fact we received a ton of rain which washed out the exposed soil where last years brassicas (now dead) were planted...

This made deep wash outs and caused valuable topsoil to run into unusable ground and into the stream...

Not good.

The plan that spring was to no-till soybeans into that plot with my new drill, once things dried out and warmed up that's what we did...

But it was a complete FAILURE...


Well what the wet cool spring and rain did to the now bare ground was create silt which sealed up the soil.

This didn't allow oxygen in and without oxygen in the soil the seeds rotted...

So not only did I waste my money on seed but I also wasted my time and fuel (not cheap these days!) on a plot that was now growing with weeds...

I then had to do everything over.

Now you may be thinking "if you tilled the soil you probably wouldn't have had the silt issue".

That would be true, however if you weren't going to plant something like soybeans (which are a high risk crop, even for farmers) that spring what would you do?

Say you wanted to plant brassicas again?

Or maybe a cereal grain mix for this fall?

You would need to do 1 of 2 things while you waited for the right timing...

Option 1) Plant some type of cover crop in spring to keep things under control until it's time to plant your preferred mix.

What's wrong with that?

Nothing really, except for the fact that you need to spend more money on seed, sprays, fuel, and of course find time to do it all.

Option 2) Just let the weeds take over until you're ready to plant your preferred mix later in the year.

Probably not a great Idea if you want a weed free plot in the future...

So what would be a better SOLUTION?

Well it's actually pretty simple... AND it will benefit your soil, your deer, YOU, and your wallet!

What is it?

Add clovers to your brassica mix.

Huh? That's it?

Yep, why you may ask?

Well when you plant your brassicas in summer they will grow like any other straight brassica mix but the clovers will be establishing themselves underneath.

The clovers won't be putting on much growth vertically, it's all going into establishing a root system but...

Once spring comes and the brassicas are dead the clovers have full sunlight and ample moisture to EXPLODE with growth!

You can now leave these clovers grow all summer feeding deer, adding nitrogen to the soil, suppressing any weeds, which saves you money and time while you wait to plant your next fall mix.

You can literally plant once per year and you may not even have to spray at all...

It's a Win - Win!

Now, what would be the easiest and most cost effective mix to accomplish this?

It's called Bedrock Brassica Plus.

We developed this mix to fix the biggest failure in most brassica mixes and IT COSTS LESS than most brassica only mixes!


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