Top 5 things when considering a mobile hunting setup

Considering a mobile setup for hunting whitetails this season?

Well I can tell you this...

Going mobile has completely taken the limits off my hunting...

It's one of the most impactful decisions I've ever made to my hunting strategy...

Now if you've done any research on going mobile you've more than likely come across a ton of different videos on setups and gear...everyone has an opinion on what is best and they typically change their mind in every video...

That being said here are my top 5 things that you should consider when looking into mobile gear, they're pretty basic but critical in hunting situations...

1) Ease of use - Lets face it, if it's a pain in the a** to use you will give up on it pretty quickly and it will be yet another thing sitting in your garage collecting dust. Keep it simple.

2) Sound - Nothing makes me cringe more than noise...especially metal on metal noise. Going mobile allows you to be maneuverable and push the limits to get into position for the kill. That typically means getting as close to bedded deer as possible to catch them in daylight hours...klinking metal will send those deer out the other side of the bedding area real quick...

3) Packability - When being mobile you need to maneuver. In most cases it'll be though thick cover with no pre cut paths so having things hanging outside the frame of your body is going to catch on everthing...don't ask how I know...this ties into the sound factor as well...

4) Modularity - There's a ton of new and different climbing methods, stands, and saddle options on the market with more coming out everyday. One thing I see with so many of these different things is they typically do 1-2 things really well but are lacking in other areas. In the real world hunting setups...especially if you're going in need a setup that can work well in any tree you can get into. That may require you to carry a little more gear and weight but to me it's worth it. If there's even 1 situation where I setup in a different tree because my gear didn't allow me to setup where I needed to be...that's too many...

5) Safety - Look if it's not safe...don't do it. I've never felt more safe than in the mobile setup I have now...even safer than my presets. I'm attatched to the tree from the base to the top and back down again. I've had other mobile setups that I never fully trusted so keep that in mind when looking into a setup...everyone is different so try out a few at ground height to see what Is comfortable and gives you confidence.

I hope this article helps someone looking into going mobile or even helps someone tweak their current setup!

I'll be publishing more articles, videos and reviews on my particullar mobile setup and why I choose each piece of gear.

If you're interested in seeing those in the future just look me up!


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