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Summertime Trail Cam Strategies

I saw a post recently in one of my favorite Facebook groups for trail cameras (Cuddeback Users of America) that asked the question on everyone's strategy for summer and fall trail cam deployment.

So with it being summer time right now I thought I’d share my personal thoughts on where I like to put cams to catch those velvet bucks!

#1) Alfalfa/Clover/Soybean fields or food plots - If you have any of these crops in your area they’re definitely going to be a hotspot for those growing bucks and does with fawns! With their high forage value and lush green growth they’re hard to beat for this time of year. I like to put the cameras in secluded areas like field corners where deer feel comfortable coming out to feed often.

#2) Waterholes/Water Sources - Now I personally don’t have any water tank type setups but I have created waterholes in areas with springs to keep them filled by themselves and they’ve been great spots! Creek crossings are another favorite spot during the heat of summer.

#3) Mock Scrapes - Although you would typically think that scrapes are great fall camera locations, I’ve found them to be great in summer as well! Yes the deer (does and bucks alike) will work or at least stop by to check out a well positioned mock scrape. I’ll pretty much leave cameras on these scrapes from June - December, they’re a great way to inventory bucks.

#4) Mineral/Feed Sites - Obviously any type of feeder or mineral site is going to be a huge draw for all deer, especially with their nutritional needs during summer! The only reason I have this listed last is because not all areas allow feeding so it’s not an option for some people. If you can’t do this then the 3 above options are the way to go!

These might seem like a no brainer to some but it’s always nice to get a refresher and see things in writing before you deploy your cams for summer or give you some ideas on where to move cameras you already have deployed but that haven’t been seeing much activity.

I hope this article helped in some way, if you have any input I’d love to hear it!

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