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Farm Silo Cuddelink Cell Setup!!

I left the dairy farm I called home my entire life this past year to pursue my deams of hunting whitetails in Iowa and building other businesses....

When I lived on the farm though, I kept thinking about how cool it would be to put a Cuddelink home unit on top of the blue harvestor silo where we stored high moisture corn for our cows and being able to check every camera around home everyday without disturbing the deer.

What held me back? Well being that I lived right there I didn't want to pay for a cellular plan... and being that the silo was 80' tall I didn't really want to climb that thing everyday to check the card...

But now that I live 5 hours from home the thought of using Cuddelink Cell became much more attractive!

At first I started with 3 J series IR cameras and the Old Cuddelink Cell Home unit but as we all know you can never have enough cameras!

I now have 6 units on this system and as you can see the link levels are pretty darn good!

Cam #2 is the one I thought would be questionable with the trees, hill, and distance to contend with but as you can see it has a respectable link level of 38 now. When deploying the camera in it's current location the level was 24 but as the cameras have time to sit and the weather changes the signal typically will get stronger.

And pictures will start rolling into your email inbox, text messages, and CAMP account.

I hope this article gives you some ideas on being creative with your Cuddelink system!

If you ever need more Cuddeback products or ever have questions about the system be sure to reach out to us at

Good Hunting,

- Brandon Urmanski