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Do you turkey hunt naked?

Got your attention didn't I?

Although I must admit turkey hunting naked would be a pretty interesting experience and give you something to talk about...I doubt it would be very successful...

The truth is most camo isn't all that effective, I mean it is to a degree but it's mostly to please the human eye in my opinion...

In fact over 5 years ago now I was debating if I should just ditch the camo all together and wear regular clothes...I just wasn't impressed with the camo I had wore up to that point (mossy oak, realtree, etc..).

However before I threw in the towel I wanted to do some research and see if there was a truly effective pattern out that real hunters swore by, not paid celeberties...

What I found was ASAT, in fact the big thing I noticed was that the vast majority of the hunters using it were traditional bowhunters!

Well I figured if guys with a stick and string, who had to get to within 20 yards of their target (and preferrably closer), and who were hunting from low tree stands or the ground were swearing by it's effectiveness then I was willing to give it a try...

I'm glad I did...

It's unbelieveable how effective it'd be amazed at what I get away with when wearing it!

So to sum things up...I am 100% sold on ASAT.

It's not even a question that it's truly the most effective camo out there. Period.

I've been wearing it for years before I decided to start selling it.

You really have to try it for yourself to believe it...what's great about the ASAT Leafy suit and package deal we have avaliable now is that you can wear it in hot weather for turkey and wear it all fall into late season brutal cold weather by layering up with warm clothes and putting the ASAT Leafy suit over the top.

It's incredibly effective and incredibly versitile.

If you have any questions on anything ASAT just let me know, I'm more than happy to answer any questions!

- Brandon Urmanski