Best Camo Pattern??

5 years ago I decided that I needed to upgrade my camo...

However I wasn't all that impressed with the patterens I wore in the past like Mossy Oak, Real Tree, etc...

I wanted something a bit more versitile....something I could wear year round and something that wouldn't make me look like a blob...

I started to do my research looking for the most effective camo and kept coming across this pattern i'd never seen or heard of before, even though it was created in 1986!

The pattern wasn't pretty....It wasn't something you see most hunters wearing around in their daily lives to show everyone that they wasn't printed on all the big brand name clothing, hats and bows....

But I had to did a darn good job blending in and breaking up the human outline...

And that's what I was looking for....a pattern that actually worked!

It's called ASAT which stands for ALL SEASON ALL TERRAIN

As i write this article after 5 seasons of using my ASAT Vanish Pro Leafy Suit I can tell you from personal experience that it's the best camo I've ever used...hands down.

It's so good that if you're on the fence about it's effectiveness I offer you this challenge:


If you use ASAT Camo exclusively for 1 year and do not see more game than you

ever have wearing any other brand of camo, we will buy it back guaranteed!

This video below is old and compares ASAT to military camo with more green in them than most of the popular hunting camo in todays world (although most camo today still doesn't do a good job at breaking up your outline) but as you'll see the ASAT pattern is effective in every terrain type we see here in the USA.

To see our selection of ASAT clothing visit us on our website U Outdoors!

If you ever have any questions about the ASAT camo or different clothing options please contact us!

We're more than happy to help!

Good hunting,

Brandon Urmanski

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