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About U Outdoors

Are you a hunting nut like me? Then you're in the right place!


I started U Outdoors a few years ago to provide a place where hunters can come to find products and information that serve a purpose and actually help you be more successful.


A place where you can call, text, or message about questions on a product and get real honest feedback and support because the guy on the other end actually uses the products like you do. He knows how the product works, knows what situations you'll be using them in, has experienced the glitches and knows how to fix them, and doesn't try to BS you. If he doesn't know the answer he'll get it from someone who does and makes sure it's working for you.

I want to help fellow hunters by getting them great products and information....and even more importantly provide even greater service before and after the sale.

A little about me:

Hunting and the outdoors are in my blood.


I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and worked there until i was 27, my grandpa is a big hunter and instilled that passion in me at a young age. I hunted whitetails, bear, small game, coyotes, fox, turkeys, and coon with my family and friends. I also trapped coon, mink and muskrat throughout high school and loved every minute of it.


My dad is more into fishing, we spent many hours out on the water and even more on the ice! Being a farmer the "slower time" of the year is in winter so most of our fish were pulled through a hole with numb fingers.


Just recently I made a big move to follow my whitetail hunting passion. I moved my whole family from North Central Wisconsin to Iowa, the land of the giants! When I mentioned my crazy idea to my wife of moving us to Iowa to chase deer i thought "this is going to be a tough sell'...but to my suprise she didn't really put up much of a fight(i know i'm a lucky guy haha)!

So here we are, in Iowa to chase deer...told you i was a hunting nut ;)

Good Hunting,

Brandon Urmanski (owner)

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